Goldstar Redux

from Songs for Birds and Bats by doubleVee



Itchin' like a subway dog,
I was lookin' for the next train on.
When suddenly she says to me, “Are you my treasure star?”
Har har har.
Har har har.

She was kooky like some girl from Mars,
so I asked her where she got that part.
So wonderfully she whispered to me... 'shoot me.'
“Hey there, Mr. Slim, you better watch your back when the train comes in.”
And then we rolled up town like majesty
she talked of plain imagery.
But when our secret words collide
she tried to shoot me with her
goldstar gun.

She could crawl out,
like mystery.
It felt so weird when she looked at me.
I wouldn't care,
I couldn't sin.
I turn around again.

Yes then we rolled up town like majesty
Until those evil worlds collide...
She's gonna put her little finger 'round that
goldstar gun.
goldstar gun.
goldstar gun.
goldstar gun.
goldstar gun.


from Songs for Birds and Bats, released April 12, 2019
doubleVee's take on Starlight Mints' Goldstar by Allan Vest & Andy Nunez. Goldstar Redux by Allan Vest, Andy Nunez and Barb Vest


all rights reserved



doubleVee Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

doubleVee is Allan Vest (ex-Starlight Mints) and Barb Vest. EP "Songs for Birds and Bats" limited edition CDs are available via

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